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The benefits of using Nordixx Nordic Walking poles.
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Watch Entrepreneurs Over 40 podcast featuring Bill and Esther VanGorder talking about Nordic Walking Nova Scotia (August 4, 2021).


Wise AwardsNordic Walking Nova Scotia was chosen as one of the 50 over 50 WISE Awards recipients for 2019. The WISE Awards recognize and celebrate Canadians over 50 who have been successful after taking the risk to start a business as an encore career. WISE stands for Wisdom, Initiative, Skills and Experience.

The fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship in the world is by people over the age of 50. It is also the most under-served and under supported group of new entrepreneurs. The 2019 WISE 50 over 50 Awards applaud these successful Canadian entrepreneurs over the age of 50. Nordic Walking Nova Scotia is proud to be a member of this elite group.

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True North Nordic Walking and Nordic Walking Nova Scotia are operated by Bill and Esther VanGorder. We offer Nordic Walking clinics and are a distributor for industry-leader Nordixx Pole Walking Canada.

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True North Nordic Walking and Nordic Walking Nova Scotia are your source for top quality, authentic, reasonably priced Nordic Walking poles and supplies.

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Our How to Nordic Walking clinics are designed for all adults. Family and children's classes are also offered in separate venues. These introductory events will train you to Nordic Walk properly for the best possible enjoyment and benefit. Our instructors are nationally certified to teach Nordic Walking.

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