Health Benefits of Nordic Walking

  1. Burns up to 46% more calories than exercise walking without poles or moderate jogging. 25-30% on average.   (Cooper Institute, 2004, Dallas and others).
  2. Increases heart and cardiovascular training to 25% ( Foley 1994;Jordan 2001, Morss et al. 2001; Pocari and others).
  3. Incorporates 90% of all body muscles in one exercise and increases endurance of  arm muscles (Triceps) and neck- and shoulder muscles (Latissimus) to 38% (Karawan et al 1992 and others).
  4. High Blood Pressure: Reduces High Blood Pressure by 18mmHg within eight weeks. (Ishikawa 1999; C.Diehm 2007)
  5. Eliminates back, shoulder and neck pain (Attila et al 1999 and others).
  6. Less impact on hip- knee- and foot joints about 26% (Wilson et al., 2001; Hagen 2006, and others)
  7. Develops upright body posture. (Schloemmer 2005).
  8. Increases production of “positive” hormones.  Decreases “negative” hormones (R.M. Klatz, 1999; Dharma Singh Khalsa, 1997).
  9. Supports stress management and mental disorders (Stoughton 1992, Mommert-Jauch 2003).
  10. Diabetes Type 2: Improves diabetes metabolism, reduces insulin resistance and reduces medication drastically within three months. (M.Nischwitz 2006)
  11. Perception of exertion is 50% (Parkatti et all 2002).

Nordic Walking is also proving to be a valuable tool in rehabilitation for people with neurological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as in weight-loss management.

~ Dr. Gail Dechman, Dalhousie University (Dechman, Appleby, Carr and Haive, 2012).

Always consult your Physiotherapist, Physician or other Health Professional before starting or altering any Nordic Pole Walking fitness program.

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