Nordic Walking is a Better Way to Walk

It’s much easier to understand why so many people are adding Nordic Walking Poles to their walking when you get a first-hand feel for just how it works. It takes only a few seconds to experience how Nordic Pole Walking involves important core and upper body muscles while walking if you follow these four simple steps:

  1. Sit in a chair facing a table or desk and extend both arms out as if offering them for a friendly handshake. (If you’re reading this while sitting at your computer, raise your hands off of your computer keyboard and mouse and reach out on each side of your keyboard)
  2. Make two fists and place them on the desk or table top with your thumbs up.
  3. Finally, sit upright and alternately press repeatedly one fist, then the other into the desk.
  4. Each time you push, you will experience a strong wave of muscle contractions in your abdomen, your back, arm, shoulder, chest, and other important “core strength” muscles.

That’s how using poles turns walking into total body walking! As you Nordic walk you’ll do 2,000 or more similar contractions per mile of all these muscles as you apply a force to a pair of specially designed poles (rather than a desktop) with each stride.

Best of all, with Nordic walking, because the work is shared by so many major muscles, you can actually feel like you’re working less while accomplishing much more. Studies show that perception of exertion is 50%.

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Always consult your Physiotherapist, Physician or other Health Professional before starting or altering any Nordic Pole Walking fitness program.

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True North Nordic Walking and Nordic Walking Nova Scotia are operated by Bill and Esther VanGorder. We offer Nordic Walking clinics and are a distributor for industry-leader Nordixx Pole Walking Canada.

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